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Entry #9

The website challenge! 1#

2015-06-28 14:36:21 by JeffFan1st

Hey guys! im doing a little challenge called the Website challenge!

Mission: at this challenge you need to randomly write a website like: www.(insert a word here).com

lets say the category is horror so you need to insert a website with a horror word, like

and after you found a website by writing randomly, you need to send it to this post!

the winner gets Respect, because this is just a challenge and no more


Category: Funny

so good luck and have fun finding it!

also dont forget to follow my big brother @coolman2003


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2015-06-29 00:59:22

It was not me!!!


2015-09-22 23:46:12

Would you forgive me?


2015-12-12 17:58:30

1HeatFire was hacked by some1 :P oh and im jeffkiller btw :)